Your hand is made of atoms

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Atoms make up everything yet are 99.9999999% empty space, which means that everything that looks real and solid is barely there at all. There can’t be such a thing as a glass half full/empty, because there’s always atoms in the air and the glass itself is illusory. Solid objects are empty, and empty space is still full.

When Adam and Steve kiss, there’s always a microscopic amount of space between them generated by opposing forces of electrons, so they’ve never actually touched each other or anything for that matter.

All of these atoms that make up everything that we’ve ever seen were created inside stars billions of years ago. Those stars came from gases and matter forming after the Big Bang. Everything in the Universe was born out of an extremely concentrated point of energy, theorized to be trillions of times smaller than the period at the end of this sentence. According to E=MC², matter is energy and light merely slowed down. If no more energy can ever be created nor destroyed for all of time, the Universe is a closed system of energy been cycled over and over again. Einstein posits time as a geometric phenomenon, where past, present and future exist all together at once.

We all started off small before been born – absorbing air, water, food and light in order to grow bigger.

After your death, the atoms that make up your body will become part of the air, water, soil, and eventually other people too. As parts of you now were once parts of other animals, people, plants and objects.

So, the septillions of particles that make up your body in this current configuration are both arranged as you see them now, what they used to be and what they will be later.

It is your conscious observation of the world at this point in time that collapses the probability wave function of infinite potentiality a16nd energy into what is your experience of the present moment.

If everything is both full and empty, plus the linear passage of time is an illusion, could we still be in that extremely concentrated point of energy?

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